Motivate by creating a positive impact; bring others along; have ownership mentality


Continually learn and improve; embrace the unknown; be open-minded


Manage time well; execute


Exemplify passion; be exceptional; deliver game-changing results


Do you want to work in a fast-paced, non-bureaucratic, energetic start-up environment that also has the financial stability of a later-stage growth company? Do believe that work should be fun, and you’re not having as much of it as you would like right now? Do you want the freedom to grow and take on more responsibility without the rigidity of traditional corporate roles?

3S Ventures is a fast-growing start-up, and we’re always looking for the talent to help us get better. Interested in working with us but don’t see the perfect opportunity? Send your resume and cover letter to info@3s.ventures.


Marketing Analyst

Seeking a data driven marketing analyst that has experience conducting effective market research; complex data mining / analysis / modeling / forecasting; and creating compelling data visualization and charts. You must be knowledgeable in SEO and paid media basic principles. You should be confident making critical decisions independently and eager to play a key role in the organization.

Key activities to deliver this success:

  • Identify profitable opportunities for content production and promotion investments through analysis and forecast modeling.
    • Conduct research on content opportunities in SEO and paid media for our performance clients using Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, CRMs and third party tools.
    • Analyze complex data sets through modeling and forecasting opportunities.
    • Deliver regular reports on your findings and suggested actions to Investment Committee.
  • Reconcile forecasts with actual performance and leverage insights to create a better model.
    • Collaborate with project teams to track the status and performance of investment projects and compare results with forecasts.
    • Analyze and compare the delta, and leverage insights in our modeling and analytics process.
  • Organize client / external reporting.
    • Review monthly client media spends via AdWords or other accounts and ensure invoicing / modeling is accurate.
    • Consistently track and update all SEO and paid reports external reports for clients or other third parties to ensure we satisfy reporting obligations.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in market research, business, communications or related field
  • MBA preferred
  • Experience as a marketing analyst
  • Knowledge of digital marketing principles
  • Proficient using Microsoft Excel
  • Advanced knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and analytical processes preferred
  • An excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Motivated self-starter with strong business acumen
  • Organized and detail-oriented

Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to info@3s.ventures.

Associate Director of Digital PR

Build the 3SV capability for digital public relations and outreach, thereby raising the authority and reach of our content and our websites.

Success in the first three months:

  • Operationalize a repeatable process to organically solicit links to our websites at an acceptable Return on Investment
  • Earn 50+ followed inbound “do-follow” links from 30+ Domain Authority (DA) websites per month as a proof point of that process
  • Develop an operating plan to get to 100+ followed inbound links from 30+ DA websites in a month through scalable and cost-efficient methods

Key activities to deliver this success:

  • Evaluate goals for each outreach campaign and create a tailored strategy designed to achieve a specific definition of success. Each strategy should include proposals for workstreams, staffing, timing and cost of execution.
  • Create targeted lists of journalists, websites, and bloggers to secure media placements and mentions – utilizing cost-effective freelancer networks, automated tools, offshore labor, or other means.
  • Perform effective outreach (email, phone, and social) to your list of qualified opportunities based on campaigns, production schedules, and internal and client performance targets. Figure out scripting, cadence, etc.
  • Build relationships. Develop a network of media partners, media friends, and trade associations, so that we have reliable content distributors.
  • Find opportunities where we can automate or outsource our processes to minimize manual effort.
  • Use in-house or freelance writers in the creation of guest-posts for publication on third-party sites.
  • Draw on our in-house creatives for big-picture content pieces for 10X promotion.
  • Systematically and routinely analyze current portfolio of assets to identify opportunities to promote content from campaign-to-campaign.
  • Track all metrics – outreach through email, social, and telephone tactics; responses received; links gained.
  • Show ROI of each campaign / program and prove you can scale the model.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (journalism, communications, business or a related field preferred)
  • Strong communicator (verbal and written) with ability to influence and build relationships.
  • Tech savvy and fluent with using different software tools to manage workflows.
  • Organized and strong at project management — hit your deadlines, track your milestones, improve your processes.
  • Demonstrate experience with pitching public relations stories, content promotion or linkbuilding.
  • Highly motivated self-starter / hard-charger with an entrepreneurial mindset (i.e. the best never rest, delusional optimism, predict opportunities / problems to preemptively create the solution, etc.)
  • Digitally savvy with a clear understanding of what moves things up and to the right and from page 5 to page 1 in search results.
  • Ability to understand the client’s industry, product / service, opportunity / challenge and the consumer’s want / need to deliver human-centered brand experiences.
  • Functional expertise with platforms like Buzzstream, BuzzSumo, Search Console and various analytics platforms.

Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to info@3s.ventures.

Digital Marketing Associate

As a Digital Marketing Associate, you will play an instrumental role in building our sites into the category leaders in our verticals.

Starting out, we envision a few primary areas of focus that add real value to our properties and that you’ll have autonomy to run with. We expect this role will grow and evolve as our business does.

Success in the first three months:

  • You bring ideas, energy and willpower to the team and it shines through in your work.
  • You’ve piloted at least three campaigns:
    • Each campaign should have at least 10 different content pieces.
    • Each campaign should result in 15 discrete linking root domains with a domain authority of 30+.
  • You’ve determined which campaigns are most successful and double down on them by extending their focus.

Key activities to deliver this success:

  • Create content “franchises” that showcase our expertise, build our authority and deepen industry relationships.
    • Develop unique campaigns that help differentiate our brand and garner high-quality links.
    • Implement primary research studies to support these campaigns, such as interviews with subject matter experts, surveys, focus groups, social listening, secret shopping and more.
    • Synthesize research findings and package content into a clear and comprehensive deliverable, including actionable insights for our readers.
    • Execute guerilla digital PR tactics to support each of these content franchises.
    • Identify prospective domains, influencers, experts and publications to secure placements and mentions, and prioritize based on evaluation of impact, timing, feasibility, authority, investment and return.
    • Conduct outreach (email, phone, social) and pitch link-building opportunities using campaign assets.
    • Report on outcomes.
  • Assist with general content creation for our websites
    • Write quality articles, reviews, and round-ups – each one accurate, optimized, on-brand, on time, and relevant to our market.
    • Brainstorm visual and copy ideas with our editorial team and digital marketing partners. Make recommendations on how to implement it.
    • Source images, charts, graphs, and infographics to supplement content pieces.
    • Load content onto our website and QA all assets.
    • Refine and update existing content pieces to reflect accurate product information, including pricing, promotions, retail partnerships, etc.

What Your Resume and Background Shows

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing, Journalism, Communications or related field preferred. Involvement in related school activities (school newspaper, editorial staff, news staff) or previous work experience is a plus.
  • Proven dexterity with written language: You can translate ideas and complex research into attractive, precise copy that engages and informs your audience. You are comfortable pivoting between topics and writing for different platforms (website, social media, infographics), while still maintaining a consistent voice. You’ll demonstrate this with a portfolio of varied writing samples directed at different audiences (maybe a technical academic paper on one hand, and an album review or blog post on another).
  • Independence and maturity: You are comfortable putting your head down and producing excellent work without constant supervision. You demonstrate maturity and have made it clear that we can count on you to show up every day on time, smiling and ready to go. You prove this to us through a successful track-record of positive professional experiences with your previous jobs, internships, leadership in your school, or dedication to a blog.
  • Experience and/or passion for SEO and content marketing: Experience in SEO-first, conversion-oriented writing is a plus. If you don’t have this experience, you are eager and passionate about learning and applying these strategies to your content in a consistent and natural way.
  • Problem solving and agility: You thrive in an environment where there is no playbook for success. You can adapt to different tasks and shift priorities as needed. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are energized by doing work that hasn’t been done before.
  • An inherent drive to be excellent: You are not satisfied with average. You are enthusiastic and committed to do whatever it takes to get the job done at a world-class level and don’t check out because it’s 5PM or a weekend.

Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to info@3s.ventures.

All applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity, or any other discriminatory factors. Please note that we do not provide immigration sponsorship for this role. All offers for employment at 3S Ventures are subject to a background check.