3S Ventures views digital marketing much like a hedge fund evaluates investments. We research the market to identify untapped opportunities, and we push into new channels to increase the visibility of your company and products.

Our approach to digital marketing is supported by years of success in creating performance-driven content and establishing SEO best practices. Among our arsenal of assets, we have invested more than $3 million in developing a proprietary machine-learning technology. Today, we generate millions of incremental search visits for our clients each month.

When you partner with 3S Ventures, you’re gaining more than our proprietary technology and algorithms – you’re accessing the people behind the science. We draw on the institutional knowledge of over 80 digital marketing experts with in-house creative, analytics, development, marketing and strategic expertise. Our team will accelerate your business growth through creating and executing a customized digital content strategy to increase your traffic, conversions and customers.

Turn content into action. Turn readers into customers. Turn digital marketing into revenue.


3S Ventures is housed within Three Ships, a digital marketing holding company that has successfully launched and built six digital marketing businesses. This structure provides 3S Ventures with access to a suite of digital experts across all Three Ships companies.

Three Ships has a proven track record of success in digital marketing performance-based partnerships. Today, it actively counts several leading U.S. private equity firms as clients and advises their portfolio companies on growth. As a firm, Three Ships has built and exited from two portfolio companies: a machine learning software company and a jewelry insurance business.

Three Ships was named the 2016 North Carolina Small Business of the Year by Business North Carolina.